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Thursday, December 31, 2009

+Gravity, magnets and the energy problem+ (the "magral cell")

When God created man he put in a small brain and in that brain he made some neurons-not one, not two, but millions –we still do not know the exact amount. Why is this relevant?

It is our neurons that differentiate us from our fellow creatures. Our neurons analyze, sift and store information through complex interactions that we barely understand. Early man survived because of the discoveries he made; not from what he invented. Fire was always there before man discovered the flint stone. If he did not find water, his race would have disappeared. He made the wheel, but a log of wood rolling down the mountain slope- akin to a cylindrical wheel existed prior to this.

Over a period of time he instinctively realized that his existence was dependent on his ability to discover and harness existent energy in one form or the other. He used animals for farming and transport. He used the heat energy from the sun to give him salt (Nacl) something that we can hardly do without. Early man killed his prey, dried the flesh and stored it for the harsh winters. Dried wood was burnt and the energy released was used for cooking and keeping him warm.

Through the centuries our neurons worked overtime, as one generation climbed up on the shoulder of the previous one. The greatest discovery of all ages is considered to be electricity, which was pre-existent- a bolt of lightning release millions of volts of electricity. Our minds turned to electricity and we utilized it in all walk of life. Yet this electricity was not a panacea to all our problems. Producing it, distributing it and continuously generating it has always remained a problem.

We then turned to the nucleus that was also pre-existent. Our scientist and physicist worked hard to liberate ‘nuclear energy’. We used this energy to create ‘destructive bombs’ an endeavor in which we were successful. Did this solve our energy problem? Not at all! Our reactors are dangerous and potential bombs. We now restrict countries in the fear that nuclear wars will destroy our race!

In the midst of all this we discovered petroleum- natural gas in plenty. God had stored this for millions of years- one day man would need it. We then started using this to solve our energy problems. But as our population grew, our problems increased, our requirement for energy increased exponentially. We realized that this energy was limited and countries estimated that their resources would last a hundred or more years.
All these sources of energy were doing something that we did not expect-

it was destroying the very source of our existence. We were polluting the atmosphere, our water and destroying the ozone barrier. Global warming is now a serious issue!! Alternative source of energy become the need of the hour. Man turned to the sun again- now solar towers and solar fields are being developed. It does need a lot of resources, but how successful we will be? Only time will tell. ‘Wind energy’ is another source but is still limited. ‘Cold fusion’ appears to be a solution but we are still struggling with it. All this has given rise to the concept of ‘fuel less’ energy. New technologies are emerging day by day, use of water as fuel is still experimental and the feasibility will remain to be seen. Thus we realize that our search for energy will go on.

If we stop and ponder awhile and think how we reached here:

a man of science will argue that the ‘big bang’ was the origin- well what existed before the ‘big bang’- can we answer this question? For the religious, God created man. He created the sun and the stars, the moon and the earth. The sun liberates energy. The earth and the others rotate around the sun and the moon around the earth. This has gone for millions of years- we have no count. I am not a technologist- but the one force that existed from the beginning of our life is the gravitational force energy. It is that force that is so ingrained in our lives that we hardly look at it.

‘The greatest of truths are the simplest’.

It is clean, green and perpetually present. When Newton discovered gravity it was pre-existent from time immemorial. We understood gravity and we defied it in our planes and rockets and space flights. But did we use it- frankly we have not looked at gravitational energy as a permanent source of energy. Magnets maintain their attractive and repellant forces for years- we use them and our children play with them.

The question is can we combine these two forces- the gravitational force and the magnetic force’ to create a clean, green energy source! It is that source of energy that has kept our solar system in place and our planets in their orbit. Even our romances endure seeing the moon in place.

For a start, on a theoretical level, if we can evolve a system in which we have a series of attractive and repellent magnetic force, placed strategically on a wheel and couple it with the gravitational force- it may be possible to keep the wheel in perpetual motion. we could call this the '' magral cell'' (seen on the right) as it is based on the magnetic and gravitational forces. In part A gravity turns the wheel downwards while in the rest of the motion magnetic forces propel it upwards which should keep the wheel in motion. This motion can then be converted into energy. I am sure that intelligent systems or cells and models can be evolved by our present scientists. We need to harness gravitational energy and magnetic energy. This may be one of the solutions to the energy problem or at least it may cut down our energy requirements!

You might wonder what’s all this to do with burns and burns management? Well everything in life is connected. As a child I read in one of Flash Gordon’s comics- ‘You break a twig- you stir a distant star’. For quite some time I went around breaking twigs and even planned to cut down a tree – in the hope of seeing a star move. Energy development will affect all walks of life- medical and otherwise. Our very existence itself depends on our ability to generate energy. Our hospitals, theaters, and all devices use energy. If free energy is available –our lives will become simpler, the gap between the rich and poor will diminish and the lives of millions below the poverty line will be enriched. We can look forward to day when the basic necessities of life- food, clothing, shelter and basic health care will be available for all.

(an original thought provoking article from asktheburnsurgeon+) 


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