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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Wound and Smoking

Wound, Wound healing and Smoking
In the last article:
http://asktheburnsurgeon.blogspot.com/2010/04/part-ii-wound-healing-why-wounds-fail.html We discussed in detail 'why wounds fail to heal'. Here an original poem from asktheburnsurgeon is presented to encourage smokers to give up smoking in an effort to help wounds heal.

The Cigar

Walking down the alley
Saw a plume of smoke
Stood a little while
Oh, what was on fire?

Out of the bushes
Arose an elfin man
Behold a wicked cigar
Held firmly in his hand

Smoking and puffing
Huffing and coughing
Dragging in the fumes
Blowing rings in tunes

Watching the folks around
Atop his surreal world
Little did he realise
One day would be his demise

The cigar he admired
The smoke he cherished
Freely had he received
Dearly had he paid

Wound and ulcer
Disease and cancer
Qualms and tears
Agony and torments

Cried he in despair
Alas! my love
Brutus you are!
Why thou stab me?

As cigar and smoke, disappeared
Behind the bramble bushes
‘The enemy is within’ I lingered
Walking down the alley



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