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Monday, November 4, 2013

Doc, what is skin grafting ? - part II (pictures, photos, pre and post, before and after, of 3rd, third degree contact burns treated by skin grafting +)

Dear Doc,
my son had burns on the sole of his feet from stepping on hot burning coal after our barbeque party. My doctor treated him for 2 weeks but the burns are not healing. He feels that this is a 3rd (third) degree burn that may need skin grafting. Am worried about this surgery. I have read in detail about the surgery on the internet but I will be really glad and grateful if you could put up some pictures to show how it is really done. Is it a painful procedure, how long does the donor site take to heal?... please do reply and thanks...Shirley p,   Philippines

Dear Shirley,
Thank you for the letter, am sorry to hear your son had a burn injury. You must read this post:
before you proceed to see the pictures put up . The pictures are self explanatory.

                                       1. thigh prepared for a split thickness skin graft

                             2. the start of a skin graft take with a humby knife ++

                              3. thigh donor site after a split thickness graft is taken +

            4. third degree contact burn wound 
        on the foot prepared for skin grafting+ +

                       5. skin graft being applied on a  deep contact burn- foot +

Hope this was helpful,
with best wishes,

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