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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Doc, is this burn healing well ?- 2nd degree superficial burn

Doc, I am sending you a picture of my son who had a burn on his chest twelve days back. I just want to be sure that things are fine and that we are on the right course. Do you think that this will result in a bad scar?

Jane, mumbai.

Thank you for the query, it appears that the burns are healing well. second degree burns are of two types- superficial and deep. The superficial one often heals well as seen above in this sweet child. The deep 2nd degree burn is the problem- because they may not heal and need additional procedures like skin grafting to heal the burn.

2nd degree superficial burns heal well usually don't form scars. However over some sites such as the chest wall and the shoulders the skin tension is high and possibility of scars are also high. If on follow up it seems that that scars may result then one must start scar treatment subsequently.


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