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Monday, November 18, 2013

Is my burn infected?


I wanted to ask if my burn is infected? This burn is three days old. I spilled hot fryer grease on it. I was prescribed silver sulfadiazine creme and percocet for pain. I have been caring for it as i was told by the physician. Wash with mild soap and water twice daily apply creme and re bandage. Please respond asap. 

Thank you.
B. Ferrell
Dear ms Ferrell,
am sorry to hear you had a burn on  your foot. Though the burn is 3 days old it has the appearance of a burn which has been there for a longer time. Hot grease and oils can reach temperatures of 175 to 200 degree centigrade and therefore the burns are usually deep.  Your burn appears to be deep 2nd degree to 3rd degree. There does not seem to be any local signs of infection from the picture. Guess you have to keep on with your dressings, pain killers and watch for any signs of infection.  
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