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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Hypertrophic scarring, face burns, lip commisure contracture, mouth burns, 2nd degree deep and superficial burns

Face burns can be a tricky problem because superficial burns heal well but deep burns can end up in hypertrophic scarring. However the surgeon must be able to decide which burn he is going to skin graft and which he is likely to leave alone. The unfortunate child shown above had face burns over the cheek which were treated conservatively. The cheek burns have healed well but some hypertrophic scars have developed. One can see that the lips have been burnt as well. The oral commisure or junction of the upper and lower lip is burnt and contracted as well, pulling the oral commisure or  junction to the left. This deformity needs to be followed up and may need surgery using the principle of plastic and cosmetic surgery at a later stage.


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